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Your first impressions of Mountain Ridge will probably be the space, peace, quiet and the breathtaking panoramic views.
After a short acquaintance, you will feel that Mountain Ridge is just like home. There is nowhere quite like it for perfect relaxation, and though the city is merely a few minutes' away, Mountain Ridge is in another world...

Mountain Ridge occupies the top of a high rocky bluff, just outside the ancient village of Sisarma. On the eastern side is a mountain that separates Sisarma from Lake Pichola and to the south our land is bordered by protected forestry land.  To the west are the beautiful hills and valleys of the majestic Arawalli Range; with remote, scattered tribal settlements that are there waiting to be explored.  To the north, rises Bansdara Mountain, topped by the formidable Monsoon Palace.

The City of Udaipur is only a few minutes' away, so you are not far from the shops and landmarks, but the short distance from the city to Mountain Ridge makes all the difference in the world as far as the tranquility is concerned. The sounds of horns, brakes, loudspeakers and other noise pollution seem a million miles away. Mountain Ridge enjoys balmy days of fresh air and peace, and delightful velvety nights of gentle breezes and only the sound of crickets.

Altogether your stay at Mountain Ridge will recharge you and provide you with happy memories of a rarely seen facet of India.

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