Your first impressions of Mountain Ridge will probably be the space, tranquil and the breathtaking panoramic view.
Mountain Ridge is just like the home you always dreamt of. Though the city is merely a few minutes’, this is another world…

Mountain Ridge sits at the top of a high rocky bluff, just outside the ancient village of Sisarma. On the eastern side is a mountain that separates Sisarma from Lake Pichola and to the south is bordered by the protected forest land. To the west are the beautiful hills and valleys of the majestic Aravali Range; with remote, scattered tribal settlements that are there waiting to be explored. To the north, rises Bansdara Mountain, topped by the formidable Monsoon Room.

The City of Udaipur with its rich heritage forms the backdrop to Mountain Ridge.

Mountain Ridge is unusual in style. The architecture is contemporary, rustic and non-conformist. Every effort has been made to ensure that it fits in with the immediate environment. In the hot months the doors and windows can be opened to give cooling cross-ventilation, during winter you  enjoy the warmth of the sun during the day and the logs blazing in the fireplace  at night. Monsoons are special with clouds within touching distance  as you watch from your in room balcony the rain falling. Absorb the various shades of green in washed trees, shrubs and farms with flowers in burst of colors.The pristine environment touches the depth of your being.

Enjoy the pool surrounded by mountains…Parties on special occasion can be arranged by the pool side and sunset point.

**Mountain Ridge has special arrangements for long and short stays.

Your stay will give  you fresh vigor and energy!