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Udaipur lies east of Lake Pichola; Sisarma lies to the west. On this side of the lake the rugged Arawali Mountains rise up in jagged chains, meandering valleys fanning off in various directions from the main Sisarma valley.

The verdant, undulating bottom of the Sisarma valley contains three large villages – Nai, Bujra and Sisarma, and a number of small settlements. The massif of Banki-ka-Magra lies southeast of Sisarma and between this and the serrated chain of Arnia Magra is the long vale of Naya Khera. To the other side of Arnia Magra are Nandeshwarji Lake and a revered Shiva temple. The road that passes, heads off to the lovely mountainous countryside of the southwest. Due west of Sisarma is a long ridge; Nai is near one end, and Bujra near the other.

Mountain Ridge looks directly out over this wonderful landscape; the broad valley and the backdrop of stark mountains in the direction of the setting sun. There are great trekking routes over there. Up to the northwest are the imposing peaks known as ‘the Brothers’. Another route heads out this way to the shrine at Ubeshwarji and to the magnificent Bari Lake. Up to the due north rises the Monsoon Palace, presiding over the entire landscape; a focal point for miles around.

The mountains hide away tiny communities and secret valleys that you may choose to explore. The India here is the India of centuries ago, where farming is still practiced in the traditional methods. Most of these settlements are inhabited by Bhil tribespeople – hardy, sweet-natured folk who are gradually departing further and further away from the city people to maintain the simple lifestyle they prefer.

The seasons play a great role in the mountain life. With the monsoon rains, the dry river beds suddenly gush again with clear water, cascading over the boulders to eventually replenish the city’s lakes.

This is a wonderland and Mountain Ridge makes a great base for setting out to explore!

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