The Monsoon Room


This beautiful suite with a dome above the bed and rugged stone walls has a bright sunny feel about it. The windows look out to the north and east, taking in magnificent scenery, with the Monsoon Palace as the centrepiece of the northern aspect. This suite gives out onto as spacious, private balcony with ample seating for a family. Pots of seasonal flowers and various trailing plants enhance the beauty. The suite incorporates a refrigerator, dressing room and a large bathroom with a huge bathtub (big enough for two!!!), so that you can relax and refresh in elegant surroundings. The bathroom has been designed with relaxation in mind. The bathtub is large enough for two, irrespective of whether you might decide it is a fine place to wallow and read a book, or whether you may like to share it………. along with some bubble bath and a bottle of wine!

The spacious bedroom has been created to give a feeling of light and euphoria. In the evening, hidden lighting in the dome and niches provide a charming, romantic ambience. Winter nights can be extremely chilly in Udaipur, but you can huddle up to a lovely log fire in the suite. In contrast the summer heat can be forgotten with an efficient air conditioned and a cooler. A garden on the roof helps to keep the temperature of the suite ambient, and trailing plants tumble from there to creep along the verandah; giving shade, fragrance and beauty. The large, private balcony enjoys the morning sunlight and the evening sunset, but it’s north and east facing position prevents harsh exposure to the midday sun. The panorama from the balcony stretches round a wide sweep of the Arawalli Hills and includes the lush fields of the Sisarma Valley, the villages of Nai, Bujra and Sisarma and the Monsoon Palace.

Room Rate: Rs. 5700


The Sajjan Room


The Sajjan Suite is so named after Maharana Sajjan Singh of Udaipur, who ordered the construction of the Monsoon Palace that stands on top of Sajjangarh. The Sajjan Suite’s generously-proportioned plant-decked balcony looks directly out towards the spectacular and intriguing Monsoon Palace; a fascinating sight, particularly so when it becomes a glowing, golden and apparently disembodied object in the evening sky.

The suite bedroom is very spacious and can accommodate two extra beds if need be. The room is decorated in a pleasant cream tone that is both relaxing and practical.

This is in one of the coolest areas of Mountain Ridge since it faces the North and has an under floor cooling device. Just in case, an air cooler can be operated in the hottest weather.
The bathroom is generously-proportioned and can be accessed by wheelchair in the case of disabled visitors. A dressing area gives off from the bedroom and is fitted with a considerable amount of wardrobe space; useful for those with plenty of luggage or for guests who are on a protracted stay.

Room Rate: Rs. 4500


The Tribal Room

The Tribal Room is a spacious, light-filled, West-facing room with a wonderful wide panorama from its balcony stretching across the Sisarma Valley to the Arawalli Hills in the distance. It is the perfect spot from which to watch a spectacular sunset. The ensuite bedroom is attractively decorated with artefacts from the local Bhil tribe.

The room generally maintains an ambient temperature as it is protected by cavity walling on the outside walls. In the event of a very hot season, the air cooler does a fine job to keep a cool and pleasant atmosphere. It is spacious and can accommodate one or two extra beds.

This room is ideal for long stay’s as it can be divided into a sitting and a separate sleeping areas.

Room Rate: Rs. 4000


The Katputli Room

The Kutputli Room is spacious and airy. It is coloured in pleasant sandy tones that are easy on the eye, and simply decorated with puppets (kutputlis). However the centrepiece of this room is a vintage Indian skirt; beautifully embroidered. The skirt is fanned out on the wall above the bed head.

The temperature of the room, thanks to cavity walling is very moderate – cool in the summer and arm in the winter, but an air cooler is fitted if additional cooling is required.

The Kutputli Room has a comfortably-sized bathroom with a screened-off shower area – the bathroom is accessed through a dressing room that is fitted with cupboards and drawers.

The bed can be a king-sized double, or can be split to make twin beds. There is plenty of space in case an extra bed is required. The bedroom has a little balcony that can take a table and a couple of seats but has wonderful panoramic views that sweep over the fields and hills to the west. This is a good room for long-stay guests as it is ultra-peaceful and also has a large amount of storage space.

Room Rate: Rs. 3500


The Garden Room


This is the newest room at Mountain Ridge, and something of a charming afterthought. The Garden Room is rather ‘bijou’, but the large balcony more than makes up for it and provides very much an indoors-outdoors feeling, which gives it an atmosphere of infinite space.
The Garden Room is fitted with a queen-sized bed; the pocket-sprung English mattress ensures a very comfortable deep sleep. The room is decorated in restful pastel greens and has a somewhat understated floral theme.
The balcony protrudes over the garden, with an expansive view of the garden and beyond, a wonderful panorama that includes surrounding mountains, farmland and forest. This is the perfect spot to put your feet up with an early-morning coffee, watching the rising sun illuminate the landscape, or at the other end of the day to enjoy a sundowner as night falls and the garden lights come on.

Bijou as it is, the Garden Room is perfect for a couple or a single person.

Room Rate: Rs. 2500