The Kutputli Room is spacious and airy. It is coloured in pleasant sandy tones that are easy on the eye, and simply decorated with puppets (kutputlis). However the centrepiece of this room is a vintage Indian skirt; beautifully embroidered. The skirt is fanned out on the wall above the bed head.

The temperature of the room, thanks to cavity walling is very moderate – cool in the summer and arm in the winter, but an air cooler is fitted if additional cooling is required.

The Kutputli Room has a comfortably-sized bathroom with a screened-off shower area – the bathroom is accessed through a dressing room that is fitted with cupboards and drawers.

The bed can be a king-sized double, or can be split to make twin beds. There is plenty of space in case an extra bed is required. The bedroom has a little balcony that can take a table and a couple of seats but has wonderful panoramic views that sweep over the fields and hills to the west. This is a good room for long-stay guests as it is ultra-peaceful and also has a large amount of storage space.


 Room Price: Rs.3500