This beautiful suite with a dome above the bed and rugged stone walls has a bright sunny feel about it. The windows look out to the north and east, taking in magnificent scenery, with the Monsoon Palace as the centrepiece of the northern aspect. This suite gives out onto as spacious, private balcony with ample seating for a family. Pots of seasonal flowers and various trailing plants enhance the beauty. The suite incorporates a refrigerator, dressing room and a large bathroom with a huge bathtub (big enough for two!!!), so that you can relax and refresh in elegant surroundings. The bathroom has been designed with relaxation in mind. The bathtub is large enough for two, irrespective of whether you might decide it is a fine place to wallow and read a book, or whether you may like to share it………. along with some bubble bath and a bottle of wine!

The spacious bedroom has been created to give a feeling of light and euphoria. In the evening, hidden lighting in the dome and niches provide a charming, romantic ambience. Winter nights can be extremely chilly in Udaipur, but you can huddle up to a lovely log fire in the suite. In contrast the summer heat can be forgotten with an efficient air conditioned and a cooler. A garden on the roof helps to keep the temperature of the suite ambient, and trailing plants tumble from there to creep along the verandah; giving shade, fragrance and beauty. The large, private balcony enjoys the morning sunlight and the evening sunset, but it’s north and east facing position prevents harsh exposure to the midday sun. The panorama from the balcony stretches round a wide sweep of the Arawalli Hills and includes the lush fields of the Sisarma Valley, the villages of Nai, Bujra and Sisarma and the Monsoon Palace.



Room Rate: Rs.5700