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The Sajjan Suite is so named after Maharana Sajjan Singh of Udaipur, who ordered the construction of the Monsoon Palace that stands on top of Sajjangarh. The Sajjan Suite’s generously-proportioned plant-decked balcony looks directly out towards the spectacular and intriguing Monsoon Palace; a fascinating sight, particularly so when it becomes a glowing, golden and apparently disembodied object in the evening sky.

The suite bedroom is very spacious and can accommodate two extra beds if need be. The room is decorated in a pleasant cream tone that is both relaxing and practical.

This is in one of the coolest areas of Mountain Ridge since it faces the North and has an under floor cooling device. Just in case, an air cooler can be operated in the hottest weather.

The bathroom is generously-proportioned and can be accessed by wheelchair in the case of disabled visitors. A dressing area gives off from the bedroom and is fitted with a considerable amount of wardrobe space; useful for those with plenty of luggage or for guests who are on a protracted stay.


Room Price: Rs.4500